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Good day, my name is Kristin Monster. I am the Family Coalition Party candidate for Willowdale.

We as voters in ONTARIO have lost patience with our elected representatives. For years, this province has suffered from irresponsible leadership and management, and has seen a drastic decline in integrity and morality. As responsible citizens, we must step forward, become involved, and demand accountability. That is why I am here.

Ontario needs ELECTORAL reform. In the current system, a politician can win a seat in a riding even when the majority voted against him. This province needs a fair voting system that will ensure that everyone's vote counts. Mixed member proportional representation would make equality and fairness in voting possible.

Ontario needs EDUCATION reform. Parents in Ontario are concerned about the declining academic standards, lack of discipline, escalating violence and drug use. The current education system is a monopoly, marked by lax standards, poor fiscal management, and partiality to one ideology, one faith. If we want be equitable and strive for excellence in our schools, we need to establish parental choice and free market competition.

I stand for protecting all human LIFE: from conception to natural death. A society is judged by how it treats its weakest members. Let's make Ontario a society in which all members are considered valuable, regardless of age or ability.

I advocate a woman's right to be INFORMED. Women should be told about abortion procedures, the effects, and all the risks involved. A woman should not be manipulated or coerced by anyone, especially through the withholding of information, into making a decision which poses great risks to her health and kills her child.

I stand for the definition of MARRIAGE as a union between one man and one woman, and for the family as the foundational unit of society. We need stronger families for a stronger Ontario, and our provincial government should encourage the growth of strong families through family-friendly laws and taxes.

BECOME informed. Look up and see for yourself our vision for a better Ontario. Vote for a better Ontario. Vote for Family. Vote Kristin Monster.