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Support Fairer Voting on the Oct 10th Referendum Ballot

A referendum on electoral reform will take place with the Ontario general election on October 10, 2007.

I believe the proposed change to the electoral system will provide:

  • a fairer system of voting where every vote counts
  • renewal of citizen confidence in government
  • reduction of big-party politics, broken-promises, vote-buying
  • conscientious voting instead of "strategic" voting

Several resources are available from Elections Ontario, The Family Coalition Party, and various non-partisan citizen groups, all concerned to promote a fairer and more democratic voting system.

Information and Flash Intro to MMP from Elections Ontario

The Ontario Citizens' Assembly provides One Ballot, Two Votes (PDF), a document explaining their research on MMP for Ontario.

Non-partisan Pro-MPP videos (funny!) and articles:

Family Coalition Party of Ontario links and articles:

Fair Vote Canada: